Make notes that are linked to any customer, supplier, or inventory item. 

Notes are shared in real time, and are accessible on any device by your team members.

Notes linked to customer list



Lists are uncluttered, making easy to stay on track, collaborate with your team, and plan your next action.

Customer List

Focus on the Next Action and follow through

Sales reps out on the road? SimpleCRM is designed for the best user experience on a smartphone.

Simplify your day by focusing on the Next Action to close the deal. SimpleCRM will email an Action follow up reminder to you on the day of the planned activity.


New Leads?

Capture them on the go, and never lose sight of an opportunity until it turns into a sale.



SimpleCRM provides instant sales pipeline visibility across the entire company, or per sales rep.

View each deal in the pipeline. Filter the pipeline by deal stage, deal maker, expected invoice date.

Get an accurate sales forecast that makes sense to you.