Q: Are there any limitations imposed on the 30 day free trial?

A: Unlimited! You have complete and full access to all the functionality of the system, and unlimited users as well. No credit card details required. After the free trial it costs $14.95pm for the first 3 users. After that, $5.95 per additional user.  You can cancel at anytime.


Q: Does it work with QuickBooks Desktop?

A: Yes, all versions, Pro, Premier or Enterprise, any year from 2002 to 2016.


Q. Does SimpleCRM have a mobile interface?

A: SimpleCRM is a mobile web app, which means you can sign in via any browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer or Firefox) on any device. Because SimpleCRM is specifically designed for mobile devices,  the user experience on a smartphone is great – it’s quick, easy, and visually appealing.


Q. Does SimpleCRM leave out any functionality in the name of simplicity?

A: SimpleCRM does not support email marketing campaigns, and it does not track your emails. SimpleCRM focuses on these key functions: contact management, note sharing,  lead management, and sales and pipeline management. We call it Simple because it is so easy to use.


Q: Do all my users need to be registered QuickBooks users?

A: Invite any colleague, even if they’re not a QuickBooks user, and they can use SimpleCRM the same way as a QuickBooks user that you have added to your user list. Users can be assigned admin rights, or regular user rights within the program.